Thanks for reading Fashionpreneur.

If you are reading right now, I guess you are planning to launch your own clothing line or you already did so.

Well, how can I help you in your fashion adventure?

First, I invite you to read my free resources page. You will find nuggets of information there.

Second, I can help you finding a clothing or accessories manufacturer:

For that, I offer two different services:

Hands-on Production Consultancy, where I lead directly with producers on your behalf 


Clothing or accessories manufacturers directories, in this case you would deal with the manufacturers directly without my help.

Third, I can give you a hand if you need help you with idea/concept evaluation, fabrics, branding, marketing, SEO and E-commerce, anything you might thing of related to starting or growing a fashion brand. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss further, you can send me a message, Just use the form below or send me an email at antonio(at)fashionpreneur.co

I look forward to hearing from you.


Antonio Da Mota

CEO & Founder of Fashionpreneur.

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